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Our services include following three sectors:

• Prototyping + Fabricating

• Machining

• Tooling + Molding

Design review / Prototyping / Fabricating

  When a new product is in R & D stage,design review and a prototype is usually    needed to evaluate the design and to minimize possible loss caused by imperfect  design.                                                                                                                   
  We have experienced engineers to help you to review the design for tooling/production  feasibility.

   We can provide Rapid Prototyping & Modeling service to show you and your customer  how the new  design is like, whether the part can work properly or not, and what  modification should be made before moving to mold construction.

Machining Service

The Machining Division of Eastmaster is specialized in precision machining and fabrication of metal parts and special material machining parts.

We have all types of commonly used machines to do lathing, milling, CNC machining, wire cutting etc.

We have engineering and quality control team with good quality sense. Most of them can read drawings in English.

We have much experience in working with Western customers so we have good knowledge about western customer’s technical requirements and concerns.

Our customers come from many fields -- automation,military,robotics,bioscience,machinery,equipment,control systems ...

The MOQ we accept is ONE PIECE.






Tooling and Molding

  Now that your prototype has been shown to customer and customers like the new design, you are moving ahead to low volume production.

  The difference of low volume production tools are in:

  --- Lead time

  --- Tooling cost

  --- Mold life

  With low volume tools you can start production more quickly at lower cost. 

  We have been working to develop approaches to make low cost prototype tool to make Low-volume  Production of  plastic parts. 


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