Will 3D printing replace all the CNC machining and Molding?


With the invention and development of 3D printing technology,people have been expecting the extinction of CNC machining, expecially on prototyping industry.

However, CNC machining prorotyping is still surving well and there is no sign of disppearing in short time. Why?

3D is a fantastic technology in making complicated parts.It is fast and saves labor.The new material devoloped these years has improved the performance of 3D printed parts.

However, it still has some weak points:

1.The surface quality of 3D printed part is  far from the human polished CNC parts.

2.For large prototype, the cost is far more  expensive than CNC machining.

3.The performance and variety of 3D  printing resin is not so good as the  natural material used in CNC machining  and molding.

4. Some features as movement      mechanism cannot be printed directly.

5. For large volume application, 3D printing is not at all competative.

Our opinion is: 3D printing will replace some CNC machining jobs, but will not replace all the machining jobs. For molding technology, 3D printing cannot compete.