Eastmaster Mfg Ltd -- Low volume plastic/metal parts,prototype tool, ISO13485 certified production in China

Low Volume Plastic / Metal parts production in China -- Prototype Mould,rapid tooling, molding, high mix machining, Aluminum mould

Quality Control

 • Quality System

   We are undertaking ISO13485 certification. Actually we have followed our own quality control approach in the past 15    years. It has been approved working well and our customers are satisfied with our service quality.

 • Inspection Professionals

   Our inspection engineers and technicians are exprienced and dedicated. Some of them have been working in                      Eastmaster for more than 10 years. They well know the requirement of our customer, as well as the knowledge of            specialities.

 • Inspection Machines

   We have CMM, projectors, all common measurement tools. Enough accuracy for mold parts and product parts.

 • FAI Report 

    For those jobs which requires FAI report, we can provide to customer's request.

 • Warranty Policy

    If the delivered parts are found defective in one week after receipt by customer, Eastmaster will make replacement         parts at our cost or rufund.

 • Good Record

   Most customers have long time cooperation history with us. Some of them have grown to big companies although they    were small when they started to work with us. 


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                      FAI report sample - P2

         Inspection workers with equipments