Eastmaster Mfg Ltd -- Low volume plastic/metal parts,prototype tool, ISO13485 certified production in China

Low Volume Plastic / Metal parts production in China -- Prototype Mould,rapid tooling, molding, high mix machining, Aluminum mould

About Us

In 1998,we started our business as Shenzhen Dong Fang Da Shi Prototype Firm.

In 2000, we expanded our business to plastic parts tooling and molding.

In 2002, machining was added to our business range.

In 2004, Eastmaster Manufacturing Limited was set up to organized the 3 business sections.


We specialize in low cost Rapid Prototyping & Modeling and Low volume production of small to medium


volume plastic/metal parts.


We accept order of one piece!




 We have experience in providing service to world wide

 customers, including some famous stock listed companies.

 The industries we have served covered precision instrument,

 automation, medical & bioscience, household appliance,

 automobile etc.



If you are in need of plastic/metal parts,please come to us. We can help you reduce cost with good quality and fast delivery. Our full range service from design review to final production will meet your requirement.