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Low Volume Plastic / Metal parts production in China -- Prototype Mould,rapid tooling, molding, high mix machining, Aluminum mould

Welcome To  Eastmaster Manufacturing Limited

We specialize in low cost Rapid Prototyping & Modeling and Low volume production of small to medium

volume plastic/metal parts.

If you are in need of low volume plastic/metal parts, please come to us. We can help you reduce cost in

design & production with your requirements being met satisfactorily.



 Design review / Prototyping


  When a new product is in R & D stage,design review and a prototype is usually    needed to evaluate the design and to minimize possible loss caused by imperfect  design.                                                                                                                   
  We have experienced engineers to help you to review the design for tooling/production  feasibility.

   We can provide Rapid Prototyping & Modeling service to show you and your customer  how the new  design is like, whether the part can work properly or not, and what  modification should be made before moving to mold construction.


This is a typical case we did in 2005:




                Client gave his idea in sketch                                  Eastmaster design engineer made 3D                                                                                                                                             design file






Plastic parts tooling/Molding


   We have been working to develop approaches to make low cost prototype

    tool to make Low-volume  Production of plastic parts. 

   We have cleanroom facility to do molding. Inspection reports available to your 


    It is specially useful for mecial/bioscience/instrument industry.





Plastic Housing Fabricating


In some cases like medical equipment and scientific instrument industry, only small quantity is in demand. And the enclosure parts are generally large sized so the tooling cost would be very high. With our Low-volume Production service we can  make plastic housings/enclosures for your commercial use without building expensive steel mold. 

   So a  new project no longer means big budget in tooling.










                This is the Final Prototype






Interesting Topics

Will 3D printing replace all the CNC machining and Molding?

With the invention and development of 3D printing technology,people have been expecting the extinction of CNC machining, expecially on prototyping industry.

However, CNC machining prorotyping is still surving well and there is no sign of disppearing in short time. Why?

3D is a fantastic technology in making complicated parts.It is fast and saves labor.The new material devoloped these years has improved the performance of 3D printed parts.

However, it still has some weak points:

1.The surface quality of 3D printed part is  far from the human polished CNC parts.

2.For large prototype, the cost is far more  expensive than CNC machining.

3.The performance and variety of 3D  printing resin is not so good as the  natural material used in CNC machining  and molding.

4. Some features as movement      mechanism cannot be printed directly.

5. For large volume application, 3D            printing is not at all competative.


Our opinion is: 3D printing will replace some CNC machining jobs, but will not replace all the machining jobs. For molding technology, 3D printing cannot compete.

 Enclosure Re-design

   Some enclosures were made from sheet metal material. The designers              imagination is often limited by  the technical impossibility. 
   With our techniques in plastic there is almost no limitation in enclosure design.



   This is an example we helped our customer to change metal enclousre to 

   plastic casing in 2007.

           Customer did not like his original metal enclosure                                                 Eastmaster helped him Redesigned

                                                                                                                                        and produced plastic casing



Metal/plastic parts Machining


  The Machining Division is specialized in precision machining and fabrication of metal       parts and special material machining parts.

   We have all types of commonly used machines to do CNC machining, turning, milling,     wire cutting etc




News: ISO13485 certification is under way!